Hi, my name is JózsiShorthand name of Joseph in Hungarian. Pronounced almost exactly like Yoshi.. 👋

I'm a Product Designer with 8 years of product design expertise, 4 years of domain experience in spatial design and computer vision. I've worked at Nike, Prezi, and was the Principal Designer at Mapillary until it was acquired by Facebook in June, 2020.

I'm currently looking for new work opportunities either fully remotely or in the Copenhagen/Malmö region.

More about me including my CV and contact details.

Work sampler

No matter what I create, I define the problem first and then solve it through design and interactions. Through testing I make sure whoever is going to use it, the solution will help them achieve their goal.

Personal project

When I do something for fun, I usually do it to learn. Being outside of my comfort zone is paramount for personality development.

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