Design showcase

Some of the visual designs I had created to showcase breadth of work. Interested in case studies? Click here.


Admin interface for imagery capture projects.


Design prototype for capture app card-based interaction system.


Concept work for capture app future version depicting routing and on device automatic sign detection.


Concept work how Mapillary could have been integrated into Apple Maps' reporting tool to capture imagery to show problems with the basemap.


The Mapillary viewer with street-level coverage and machine detected map data visible.


Various prototypes demonstrating the Mapillary viewer sidebars as a proposed system.


Charts was one of the last modules to the Flash-based editor. These designs show the final, released version. The visuals had to match the style of the original color palette, yet provide a fresh look.


Help and in-app support for the next generation editor. The illustrations were also pushing for a bespoke experience in the app.


Prezi didn't allow custom colors for a long time. When it was time for adding colors to your designs, this was the way to do it.


I also contributed to the Prezi Native Desktop app. Here is the Windows 10 version of the share dialog.


Over the course of a year I built and constantly refined the main view on EPAM test management app interface. This version is close to the released one.


One among the first apps to adopt the flat design aesthetics popularized by iOS 7 was EPAM Capture on the iPad. Some of the progression from wireframes to the built app demonstrates how focus shifted in the UI during development.


I adapted global brand directives to the Hungarian market focused on running.


The original orange-themed portal design, one of a kind when Hungary graduated to the commercial internet, was finally put to rest in 2007. I never feature a portfolio piece without showing an artifact from that defining era with all the orange glory.