About me

Growing out of my interest for computer graphics I started tinkering with Photoshop and designing websites in my early '20's. I enjoy solving user problems and help users to success through design.

Design skills

Design concepts (ideating, sketching, wireframing, prototyping), usability testing. Interaction design, visual design, icon design, design production end-to-end. Design leadership: creative direction, design sprint and studio facilitation.

Work experience



Product Designer

Jayway is a creative technology studio in Malmö, Sweden.



Principal Designer

I was responsible for what everything looked like (product, brand) in a platform serving 1.2 bn street-level images. Designed all major initiatives (viewer, community apps, marketplace, tasked capture for enterprise), shaped the product design system, and was instrumental with the rollout and application of two brand visual systems. I hired and nurtured the design team. I was promoted to Principal Designer after 2 years.



Product Designer

Presentation platform that allows you to navigate through topics freely. I was both working on the Flash-based editor (released new early activation experience, original chart designs, typography authoring) and the next-generation editor (released business analytics) providing UI and interaction designs working in a cross-functional team.

EPAM Systems


Product Designer

I worked on EPAM's own suite of software development tools based on Atlassian's JIRA platform. My main contribution was designing the manual test suite app and workflow helping hundreds of testers.

Nike Hungary


Web Designer

I maintained the runners blog initiative which became one of the marketing success projects in the region, also the longest running, surviving all competitor projects (eg. from Adidas). Adopted global brand directives and seasonal campaigns for the local market (the original Nike+ chip and subsequent iterations).



Web Designer

Fruit juice producing company (family business). I designed and developed the first online product portfolio and a simple webshop system helping business partners to access vital logistics information and product pack shots for distribution.



Web Designer

Starting my career as a web designer, I became the lead designer of Hungary’s oldest portal site and its various spin-off sites. Designed and released two milestone versions (the first version transitioning from iNteRNeTTo to Index and the iconic "orange" version which main brand color is still in use after 20+ years).

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